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Laser Skin Tightening

Cutera Laser Genesis - Bolton

Cutera Xeo laser is a versatile laser system that is used for a wide range of skin treatments, including improving skin laxity. Skin tightening with the Cutera Xeo laser, better known as Titan, is a medical laser system used for non-invasive skin tightening treatments. This system uses infrared light technology to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, which helps to improve the overall appearance and firmness of the skin.

Improving skin appearance with Titan

During a Cutera Titan treatment, the infrared light is delivered to the skin in short pulses, causing a heating effect that stimulates collagen production. The treatment is relatively painless and requires no downtime, making it a popular option for individuals who want to improve the appearance of their skin without undergoing more invasive procedures.

Improving lax skin, folds and lines
Cutera Titan is commonly used on the face, neck, and other areas of the body where skin laxity is a concern. The treatment is particularly effective for individuals who have mild to moderate skin laxity; Titan can be used in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments, such as dermal fillers or Botox injections, to enhance the results. Titan utilizes a safe infrared light to heat the dermis well below the skin’s surface. This heating can cause immediate collagen contraction resulting in tighter skin. During the procedure, the skin’s surface (epidermis) is protected through continuous cooling with the Titan handpiece. After the procedure, new collagen growth results in further tightening with the improvement of lax skin, folds and lines.

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skin tightening before and after images using Cutera skin tightening showing stomach tightening and jaw and neck skin tighening

The Titan Difference
Titan Laser employs light energy because it provides a more uniform distribution of energy for heating the deep dermis than other energy sources, such as RF (radiofrequency).

cutera titan combined with laser  genesis the ultimate and effective skin tightening and rejuvenation treatment the laser genesis laser head and the Titan ipl head

What areas respond best to the Titan procedure?

Patients have been successfully treated on many areas of the body where the skin is lax -
Under the chins

Cutera XEO Laser Skin Genesis

CUTERA® Titan is a laser facelift technology that uses a unique light source to stimulate collagen growth and tighten facial laxity by creating a deep dermal heating in your skin while keeping the surface, epidermal layer of your skin cool and protected. The result is firmer, tighter skin for your face, submental area, neck and abdomen–all using a non-invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia.

For many of us, sagging skin comes with age: our ability to produce elastin and collagen slows and we lose the volume and firmness that we were once used to having. In our Bolton Laser Clinic we help our patients combat this natural part of the aging process with CUTERA® Titan and requires no downtime, making it a popular option for individuals who want to improve the appearance of their skin without undergoing more invasive procedures.

  • Medical Device FDA Approved.
  • Safe and Effective
  • No downtime.
  • Trained and Qualified practitioners
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