COOL SCULPTING bolton fat freeze clinic help to remove those stubby pockets of fat showing excess and lax stomach fat and skin



Patients have been successfully treated on many areas of the body where skin is lax. Loose skin along the jaw line, under the chin, the abdomen and upper arm have responded particularly well to the procedure.

Using cryolipolysis technology to cool unwanted fatty deposits beneath the skin, providing safe and effective body sculpting and fat reduction. Cryolipolysis is a fantastic liposuction alternative that enables us to freeze the fat cells, which your body then naturally processes and flushes out. Stubborn fat deposits are a common occurrence in many, and can be difficult to remove with exercise and healthy diet alone

Cool Sculpting - Fat Freeze

The Italian Beauty Company Baldan Group’s cool sculpting Cryo Shape machine is a triple integrated system with 3 simultaneous actions which shape your body
1. CRYO to 'attack’ localised fat
2. LOCALISED VIBRO MASSAGE to facilitate fat elimination
3. PHOTO-STIMULATION TO firm tissues.

Crylipolysis is a non invasive and widely tested technique that subjects fatty tissue to intensive, controlled cooling. This destroys some of the fatty cells, which are then eliminated via the normal metabolic processes. The results? a visible thinng of the fatty layer.

The Bolton clinics Cryo shape is a powerful Cryogenic system with automatically-controlled gradual temperature reduction. The adjustable-intensity vacume technology can be used in constant or pulsed mode, combined with targeted  630nm light wave lengths to improve the elasticity of the tissue treated.
Common Questions on 'Fat Freezing’
'Do fat freezers work’ ? yes they do 2 - 3 sessions at one-month intervals are enough to contour the body. 
'How long does the results last’ The cool sculpting results from the Cryo shape last 8 - 10 months on average.
“Can you do cool sculpting on arms”  Yes using the correct procedure and head size. Other areas which can be treated using Cryo Shape can treat stomachs, legs, 'love handles’  'Bingo Wings’ 'Bra Fat’ . 
Although 'Fat Freezing is non-surgical treatment, always consult a trained and qualified expert before any treatments.

  • Three treatments in one.
  • Effective in 96% of patients.
  • Short Recovery.
  • Customizeable to different areas.
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Helen Smith

My Face Aesthetics is a a little gem of a place right here in Bolton. A first rate clinic that offers a wide range of services. Karen Bates the owner, is the ultimate professional, she is an extremely well qualified nurse practitioner and an expert in her craft. I have had several proceedures and am delighted with the result. I asked Karen for a fresh, toned and natural looking face and that is what she delivered, I am thrilled, thank you Karen, you are Simply the Best! x

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Mike Madely

Having gained the courage to visit a cosmetic clinic, I'm so pleased I chose My Face Aesthetics. Professional and welcoming with fantastic results that has boosted my confidence. Highly recommended and I will be returning for further treatment. Thank you to Karen and staff.



There are not enough words to describes how amazing is this clinic!!! Karen is so professional and explains everything in every single detail including aftercare. After lose a huge amount of weight my face was looking very ageing and she been able to advice and treat all my a brand new person looking amazingly young

Cool Sculpting - Fat Freeze FAQ'S

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